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(2019) 11,000 Lawsuits for website Not ADA compliant.

Ray Steel
Published on 06 Feb 2020 / In E-Business & E-Marketing / Digital Marketing

You see, over 10,000 websites were sued for not
making their website ADA compliant in 2019 (and
the number is said to increase to 100k next year).

Scary stuff for anyone that has a website, or
plans to have one soon I Know...
Each website that was sued paid anything from 5k
to 200k for out of court settlement. The most
recent settlement was $6m. 

Outrageous isn’t it?
Unfortunately, this law is very important and the
bad part is that there is no prior warning or
notice before a person gets sued. The law
doesn’t provide any time frame before a visitor
can sue, and this would prevent any organization
from getting any proper defense. 

But you see... one thing about life is... you can
always turn things around for the better, and if
you act smart and on time, you can even profit
from such situations. 
How can you turn this around you ask?

Go Here:

PDF Link:

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