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About us

What Was The Motivation Behind Project Mevue?

Mevue is a video sharing platform that was started to give creators a place to truly express themselves. These days there's nowhere else online to share your content and actually feel good about it. Since we at Mevue are creators ourselves, we understand the blood, sweat, and tears that one must commit to create content online. That means we respect your work more than any other video sharing platform ever could. Sharing your videos online should be FUN & EXCITING, and that's what Mevue is all about. We are a platform that treats everyone EQUAL, so even the little guy will always shine on our platform.

About Our Founder

The Founder & CEO of Mevue LLC is Mr. Brandon Belcher. Brandon is a guy that's been creating content online for 10+ years non-stop. In 2017 Brandon noticed the major changes other platforms were making which led to him becoming very frustrated. Early 2019 one platform had removed monetization from Brandon's content so that meant he'd never be paid for all of his hard work ever again. That led to pushing the Mevue platform to what it is today. Mevue was built by creators, so we're here to make sure you get a platform that exceeds your expectations beyond your imagination.